Monday, June 21, 2010

Donations Needed!

Less than one month until I go to Africa!

I am gathering the last of my donations.  I still need just a few things.  I am collecting soccer balls (size 5) and pumps to take to the orpanages.  Also, I need lots and lots of fingernail polish (and small containers of polish remover) to paint the little girls' fingernails and for the ladies at the fistula hospital (see link).  If you want to donate, you can purchase these things and drop them off at my house, or you can donate at my Chip In site (scroll down a few pages on the blog) and I will purchase them myself.

 I do also have L and XL tshirts left for $25.  Let me know if you want one of them!

Thanks for your support and prayers!  Can't wait to be blogging from Africa!!