Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Too Much to Process

Megin and I finally made it home last night (my luggage did not - hoping to get a call about that soon).

One thing about Ethiopia:  It steals your heart.  Every. Time.

I want to blog, but I feel that my words will not suffice.  The moments are too precious to use simple words.  It seems almost profane to try to paint the picture with mere letters.

I came home last night to my carpeted house, with a room for every child.  Food in the kitchen.  Gas in my FOUR cars.

And remember the widow with no medicine for her eyes. And her dirt floor and tin roof.

I remember the child with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and wonder if her uncle will hurt her tonight.

I remember the boys, who waited patiently for us every day, sitting on the grass across from our guest house, just hoping for a hug, a smile, perhaps a sucker from us.  Then would wait the entire next day again.

I remember the beautiful girl with hydrocephalus, who could have been saved with a simple medical procedure.

I remember the women with their hands in tubs of dye making beautiful scarves.  Women who were once trapped in prostitution, now with a job and the ability to support her children without shame.

(Anne, Megin and Macall jumping in to help dye the wool)

I remember the smiles and laughter on the lips of HIV+ women, given a chance to make jewelry and feed their families, after being rejected for years.

I can still smell the coffee beans roasting at KorahBeth Coffee.  Where the lives of two men, one raised in the dump in Addis Ababa, the other an American who lost his young wife to a brain disease met and created new life and new jobs for women in Korah.

So much heartache...yet so much hope.  Seeing the need, then seeing the result of people being the hands and feet of Jesus, changing the world for so many!

More to come...