Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little history.

So you read that I won the Mission Trip Giveaway on my friend, Kari's blog. I have wanted to go on this February trip to Ethiopia since May. I even felt like I needed to go, that God wanted me there. But, things just weren't working out like I thought they should.

I went to Ethiopia and Uganda in July with Kari Gibson on my first Visiting Orphans mission trip. I had been to Ethiopia 7 years before for our first international adoption of two beautiful Ethiopian children. I left a piece of my heart in that country. I had wanted to return ever since. When I heard Kari was leading a trip with VO in July, I whined (and whined, and whined) both to God and my husband that I wanted to go, too!! Finally, my husband looked me square in the eye and said, "Then why don't you go?". It floored me! I never thought I could actually GO?! My fund-raising started that day, and 3 months later, I was in Ethiopia with my BFF, Kari.

Kari told me she was going to have the opportunity to lead another trip in February with her hubby, Roger. I really wanted to go, but over and over and over again, my fund-raising ideas kept falling apart. I was able to raise a large part of my money for the July trip with letters to friends and donations. I did not feel it was right to ask the same people for money again so soon. With 5 kids in sports and school, I did not have time for a big fund-raising effort. About 3 months ago, I had a conversation with God. I told Him that I really wanted to go on this trip, but if it was His plan for me to go, He would have to take care of the money. I was tapped out and there was no way I could make it happen. I made a tearful call to Kari and told her I would not be going with her. As soon as that call ended, I felt peace. I figured that God would open other doors for me, and I knew I would be going back to Africa...just not in February.

Isn't God funny! When I found out that Amanda picked MY name in Kari's crazy Mission Trip Giveaway, I was stunned! Then I laughed. God had a plan the whole time. He wanted to make sure I knew this was HIS plan, not mine. That He would fulfill the longing in my heart to go back to this beloved country. That He had my back, and His Plans are always so much better than mine!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You can win, too!!!

I won a mission trip to Ethiopia. Here is your chance to win, too! Visiting Orphans is giving away a mission trip to any of the locations they sponsor. Plus you can choose the date! If you win, you can even go with me and Shane in August- yay!!

So, click on the link, buy a shirt, support Visiting Orphans and maybe WIN A MISSION TRIP!!!!

Mission Trip Giveaway Video!

What?!?! I guess I am going back to Africa sooner than I thought!!! I can't believe this. My heart has been longing to go back, especially this past couple of weeks. I had NO IDEA God had this planned! I am so excited to go back to Ethiopia with my BFF, Kari and her amazing husband, Roger.

God Rocks...Unbelievable. I'm Speechless :-)