Monday, May 17, 2010

61 days until Africa!! (Click here for Korah link)

I got my itinerary for my Africa trip today!  I am so excited about this...and my heart is also breaking as I read the stories of the places and people we will visit.  I am planning to provide you one link per day over the next week to show some of the places I will be serving.

The first is called Korah.  This is a dump that was originally a leper colony.  Now, I have a vision what a dump looks like (I had several "adventures" at the dump with my dad as a child. When he was working construction, he would unload his trash while I looked for treasures).  This dump in Ethiopia is much different than my experience.  They estimate 120,000 people live in this dump, fighting each other for rotten food each day.  120,000 people!!! That blows my mind.  Many of these are orphans.  The ministry we will be helping offers lunch, a Sunday school lesson and a craft to many of these children.  They are also trying to raise money for beds so the children will not have to sleep on trash.  Wow.  I can't even imagine what it will be like to be there.

Take a look at this link and pray today for this ministry.  Pray that all they need will be provided.  I also ask that you pray for our team...that our one day of ministry will really make an impact for the Kingdom of God.


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