Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Days and Counting!!

Well, I leave on Sunday! Shane got home safely from Colombia on Tuesday. We have 5 days together, then I'm off to Africa!

As the trip gets closer, I am excited, nervous and ready to go! A few things you can be praying for our team.

1. Health and safety for all of us. We will all be taking malaria pills which have the tendency to make your stomach upset. We will also be eating a lot of new foods and if you know me, you know my stomach is a little weird anyway. BUT...I do enjoy Ethiopian food, so that is a plus!! Also pray for safety. If you heard the news about the bombing in Uganda during the World Cup finals, you know that it can be dangerous in Uganda. We will be spending some time at an orphanage in the city where the bombings took place, however we are on the other side of the city and there are no travel advisories at this time. I know God is in control and trust in Him for safety...and even if we are not safe, I trust Him anyway.

2. Unity for our group. We are 31 people, most of whom have never met. There will be a variety of personalities and sometimes personalities clash. I just pray that we will become a close knit group with the Holy Spirit leading us as we go.

3. And most importantly that we will be open to the spirit to do whatever it is we each individually need to do to make a life-long impact on the kids (and adults) that we will be ministering to. Be praying that the Holy Spirit will be working on us and the kids now, preparing all of us for what he wants to teach us.

I will be taking my computer with me to Africa, but I understand internet service is far from dependable and even if we make it to an internet cafe, 31 people are a LOT for a little internet cafe to handle. I will post when I can, but if you don't hear from me for a while, PLEASE keep praying and I will post whenever I can!!

Thanks for following me!

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