Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Day in Africa

There is not much left to say. I head home today changed forever. I am already praying about returning in February. This trip will only be Ethiopia and will be 10 days long. Kari is leading the group, and I would love to be her co-leader. I want to come back to Korah. I want to hug Abenezer again. I want to love beyond my capacity and change lives forever.
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for this trip. Thank you for the new friends I have made. Burn their faces and stories into my mind forever. I pray others will be changed by my stories and that they will be willing to change a child’s life forever, too.


  1. Randi,
    Thank you for all of these stories and for being willing to go and serve God!

  2. Well Randi I finished catching up. It is so much fun to read about our/my experience through someone else's eyes. I keep wonder how soon I will be able to return. God bless!