Tuesday, March 23, 2010

E-bay blitz!!

This week, I will be starting another fundraiser. If you have anything that may be "someone else's treasure" and would like to donate that item to me, I will be glad to put it into my ebay sale. Every donated item will go on auction, and the proceeds will go toward the cost of my mission trip. If you live in Fowler, just drop the items at my door or the church. If you live far away, ship it to me and let me know what you paid for shipping and I will reimburse you.

If I raise more than the $3800, all the rest will go directly to the orphanages. I will buy formula, diapers, and anything else they need. So give, give, give!! And more importantly pray, pray, pray for the team and the kids we will be ministering to.

Remember, you can still donate using the chip-in button! If you donate $25 or more I will send you a Simply Love shirt. Every dollar counts, you can't give too little!!

Thanks for your support!!


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